Sporadic Blogger Guilt

Normally I try to avoid guilt or rather, find a modus operandi whereby I do not accumulate guilt to later have to be dealt with.  So while updating my website (ayee in SERIOUS need of an overhaul!  Will trade energy work for fabulous marketing/web design skills!) I was guilt ridden to see in my first blog I had thought I'd blog monthly (ha!) and instead have possibly blogged yearly lol.  

Fortunately I am the master of my own self expectations and so have adjusted my goal to something more attainable.  Which at the moment is no goal, other than to allow myself space to figure out what I'm doing next!

In the past fews years I've changed careers three times, sold my home, and travelled to India amongst other locales.  I'm now hibernating on ancestral family land in the woods of Addington Highlands busy gardening, practicing yoga, and meditating on what I need to do to manifest a dream...

So sit tight!  I'm hoping to create a retreat centre here on the land or at the very least build an off grid yurt from which to offer retreats.  Dream? Perhaps... but goals are dreams with deadlines and I'm working on it... crunching numbers, enlisting assistance, assuring creator that yes I am ready to share what I have learned in this life in whatever way I'm shown to offer it!

What dreams are you working on? Please share!  I'd love to hear what others are passionately focused on...  H:)

Originally posted on YAHYOGA.ca May 29, 2018