Listening to the call…


Every once in a while life offers us a wake up call, a chance to take a good look at what we are doing, why and how we are doing it, and in which direction we would like the next stage of our life to lead.  Mine came after a series of concussions which finally slowed me down from the hectic, stressful pace I had been keeping up for a lot of years.  I had to be still or risk injuring myself further...

I practiced yoga and reiki... read numerous books on yoga (Light on Yoga & Yoga Sutras AHHH!)... immersed myself in meditation... every moment spent away from the mat I felt disconnected from myself... every moment on the mat I felt infused with radiant energy, divinely loved and supported through my journey of healing!

From this still (ish!) place, I discovered an opportunity - to explore my innate nature and determine what was REALLY important about how I wanted to live my life moving forward. Taking time to study brain injury and neuroplasticity, practice yoga and learn reiki opened up exciting new paths of discovery about who we are on a physical and energetic level.  Spirit beings on a human journey!

The vision of Luminous Soul is to share this knowledge with others.  Recognizing there are many systems people can explore for self awareness and growth which are valuable and useful. Understanding while personal practices have increased my sense of connectedness, peace, joy and health immeasurably there are many paths to these feelings!  Every individual has the option to explore and choose what works for them. 

The beauty of yoga and reiki is that each system blends holistically with any system and/or faith an individual chooses.  Yoga and reiki are not 'religions'; they are practices.  These practices span cultures and faiths because at their core each system is attempting to bring us to the same space - peace, connection and well being. 

Well being is realized through clearing our physical, mental and emotional energies of anything which no longer serves us. There are many useful tools to clear and purify our energy systems. Trust that the tools and information you need will arrive in your life in divine timing… be open to receiving!

"I believe we are all beautiful spirit beings on a human journey! We hold vibration within us of all positive and negative experiences in this life and others. Through practicing yoga, self healing, mantra, chanting, meditation, care for the dietary and emotional needs of the body and mind, enjoying the company of friends and family (including our animal friends!) and ensuring ample time in nature we are able to release energies and emotions which no longer serve us. Releasing these increases our energetic vibration and frequency bringing greater peace, well being and resilience to our own daily lives, as well as the lives of those who surround us!"

Be open, curious, courageous, adaptable, fearless, fierce, loving, kind and compassionate and all layers of consciousness will unfold for you!

With gratitude for sharing the Journey... Namaste, Heather:)


Heather is a CYA-E-550 registered member of the Canadian Yoga Alliance certified in Hatha Yoga, YIN Yoga, Chair Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga. She received 250 Hr teacher training with the Canadian Yoga Alliance, 30 Hr YIN training with Rama Lotus Yoga, 200 Hr Advanced YTT with Ahimsa Yoga, 30 Hr Chair Yoga training with Lakshmi Voelker, and 200 Hr Kundalini YTT with Nada Yoga in Rishikesh India. She has received meditation training as part of Hatha & Kundalini YTT with Jivasu of Naturality Path. She is also a registered Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association and The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) and a registered Karuna Reiki Master Teacher with ICRT. She has studied shamanic journeying and healing modalities with Shaman Spirit Path which shares the teachings of Michael Harner and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. In addition, she has been singing and creating music since childhood with this devotion evolving in recent years to exploration and sharing of nada yoga.

Professionally Heather has 20+ years background and expertise in education, social services, small business and charitable non-profit management, governance, corporate responsibility, human resources and financial services.

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~ Profound heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all teachers formal and otherwise who have shaped my growth and learning! Sat Nam! H:)