I begin this post with a joyful HOORAY!!! Having spent time recently at a retreat where I experienced significant transformation I am humbled and awed by the community of souls I encountered who were so willing to dig deep and work on their most challenging selves. Riding the energetic wave of this experience, I came home and manifested this new website! Iā€™m thrilled as this has been percolating for several years. Surrendering to the flow of source energy moving me, it was accomplished in under 48 hours.

So, this is the transformation of YAHYOGA into Luminous Soul! There is much to be created now and I am listening closely to the call of spirit to guide me in this time of transformation! I will be offering guided meditations, music, and a book is being written to help navigate energetic shifts we experience when on a path of spiritual seeking.

As I now feel the cycling of energy in a stable and consistent manner, my offering is to share how to transform energetically as well. We are our own teachers! Trust your natural curiosity to discover the tools which will assist you! Gratitude and love, always love for your soul as you transform!