Being Light

Sitting in a sunbeam feeling cozy next to the wood stove... All this warmth inside belies the fact that it is a balmy -26C without the windchill outside! The microcosm of my life is content at the moment in that zone, while in the macrocosm the same statement holds true... All warm on the inside, cold on the outside the world might seem at times.

I've been thinking about being light...light beings... Every cell in our body animated by invisible charges of electricity which when observed using certain scientific equipment allows us to see the light emitted by our atoms. I've been considering the wonder of these body machines we wander around in - the marvel that is our eyes allowing us to sense light which our brains then perceive as objects. What a blessing to exist in a time where we understand these processes and know the complexity and beauty of life yet we still attempt to break it down fractal - moving closer to greater complexity and further from the simplicity of being.

Even while I write my mind is chewing on the ideas, searching for the hidden truths yet my being says chill! (Figuratively!) The only truth is in stillness and peace. That's where you realize anything other than that is resistance to what is and the emotions attached to resistance. Yet appreciate the resistance as without it, we cannot know what lack of resistance feels like for we have nothing to compare it too. Allow yourself to be, moment to moment, breath to breath, and allow anything else to fall away. In this space you will feel your light.

Breathe. Sigh. Smile. Shout. Laugh! Embrace whatever arises. Be Light. H:)

Originally posted at February 15, 2015

Heather Inwood-Montrose