It's a blustery autumn day and the air is crisp... I'm feeling thankful for the fresh air to breathe and a cozy home to work from.  Thinking about the multitude of souls on the planet who live with none of these - fresh air, home or work. 

     I'm wondering what it will take to bring equality and equanimity to all beings?  Is this even possible?  Without dark we cannot know light.  Without pain we cannot know joy.  For everything there is an equal and opposite - a form of balancing or equalization to neutral.  I hope for all existence the extremities of the scale of opposites become closer to centre or neutral.  I hope the differences between opposing sides earn less focus, and the similarities garner more focus in this process. 

     In the west we are taught to be individuals; individuality is frequently given more value than collectivity.  This manifests in some as an attitude of entitlement. My parents make a lot of money therefore I should be able to have ___.  I've become well known for doing ____ therefore I deserve ____.  What would the world be like if everyone had whatever it took to live comfortably in their given corner of the world?  I'm not suggesting excess, but just enough. If the basics were covered, food, shelter given, what potentiality would express itself were the fight for basic necessities removed? While my heart hopes given space to create people would put their energies towards something positive,  my mind understands often the opposite occurs in equal measure.

     We have developed a culture that celebrates differences though in the process also creates divides. Wouldn't it be wonderful to celebrate what makes us all similar?  Is it wishful thinking to believe regardless of what country you come from, what income bracket you fall into, or what faith or spiritual practice brings you comfort all beings could carry equanimity? Is it possible to allow space for others to live in a way that brings them peace and joy without feeling like that undermines or threatens ones' own way of living or belief system?

    Feeling threatened drives individuals and groups to seek power, often through perpetrating acts of violence on others. If we have in our lives committed acts which are not in line with living our higher purpose, or which have harmed another physically or verbally, being honest and open about these is imperative.  Holding the negative vibrations of these in our bodies, minds and energetic systems creates space for dis-ease and maintains the extremities of the scale of dark to light.  Truthfulness brings the polarities closer to neutral and begins the process of clearing karma. Truthfulness speeds the process of healing for all involved.

     In yoga, the word "Satya" encompasses this process.  It means "truth", "reality" or "that which exists" and is derived from the verb root "sat" or "to be".  Satya could be translated as "to be truth".  Patanjali describes truthfulness as "to be in harmony with mind, word and action; to conduct speech and mind according to truth". It is about conducting oneself truthfully.

     Recognizing everything we participate in is simply a system designed to bring us closer to, or further away from the essence of who we are as beings, we can choose to participate incorporating the principle of "satya".  One must be careful to witness the system and not become so immersed within it we forget it's a system only.  Hold close the pieces that bring you closer to feeling equanimity and let the rest go! Be equanimity!  Be truth! H:)

Originally posted at YAHYOGA.ca September 22, 2014

Heather Inwood-Montrose