The journey begins! 

I've never blogged before so this is all new to me... given that a new business means transitions and change I thought it was perhaps time to share some of the ideas purcolating upstairs! 

My goal is to blog once per month as I've no desire to flood people's emails with spam.  I'll endeavor to keep the blogs thoughtful and useful!  Though give myself permission to digress once in a while!

Today I'm thinking about transitions... life changes... endings and beginnings...

It's scary sometimes deciding to let go of life paths and choose to take another... whether the path served you well or not so well, transitions are often accompanied by nervous excitement and hope - did I make the right decision?  I try to approach change with gratitude and love for all that came before the change (positive and negative - even the really tough stuff!), and I try to trust that whatever path I have now chosen to put my energy toward is exactly where I'm supposed to go! 

I've let go of Irondell Metal Works which was an incredible 8 year journey for which I am so thankful to everyone I met who supported the business and appreciated the art created!  Moving forward, it's all about YAHYoga! Art! Healing!

So I guess this blog is about transitions, hope and trust!  Please share any stories of your own in this theme!

Many blessings and much gratitude on the journey to any and all who choose to read! H:)

Originally published at, September 1, 2014.

Heather Inwood-Montrose