Sound Journey &
Guided Meditation

Solstice Journey June 19, 2019 at The Space Between

July 17 at Pharmasave Golden Lake & August To Be Determined…


Reconnect with your higher self through sound and guided meditation!

Come relax into this experience nurtured by the soothing tones of crystal singing bowls, chakra chimes and vocals.

The science of Nada Yoga or the yoga of sound teaches that all is vibration. When we experience emotion it is translated in our body as a vibration which we then decipher as a particular emotion. Trauma, fear, anger and pain are held in our physical, emotional and mental bodies as a stuck vibrational frequency. By listening to tones which resonate at specific frequencies (Hertz) for each chakra or energy vortex supporting our body, the stuck vibrations are transformed to a higher resonant frequency allowing the held emotion to move and release.

Over time, by balancing our chakras through listening to the tones, we are able to sustain higher energetic frequencies and heal our emotions. This reduces anxiety and discomfort, and increases our internal feelings of calm, peace and well being!




• Sound Journey is approximately 2 hours in length
• Begins with yoga practice
• Followed by mantra/chanting
• Moving into sound journey
• Concludes with guided meditation

• Bring a mat to rest on, blanket, pillow, cozy clothing
• Some props available depending on location
• Bring water and a writing journal
• Bring any special items you would like attuned such as crystals or jewelry
• Bring an open receptive mind and heart!


Suggested exchange for the experience is $20 per person for a two hour sound journey.

Please exchange what you are able; Heart gifts accepted.

Ganesha - Remover of Obstacles!

Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls and Chakra Chime! Guides for your healing journey!

Prepare for your journey

To prepare for your sound journey, kindly refrain from partaking of alcohol and/or substances 3 days prior and post journey for optimum connection to and integration of the energy. Alcohol and substances create sluggish energy flow and receptivity. Drink plenty of water as this increases receptivity to vibration and frequency. Come with an open mind and heart! You may wish to set an intention to receive guidance on a particular challenge or any other intention. It is helpful to write this down to strengthen alignment with receiving information about your particular question or intention. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to connect!



Yoga, Mantra, Energetic balancing, harmonizing and entrainment, guided meditation.

To request a sound journey in your community, please connect!

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