Intuitive Healing

60 MINUTES $60 

90 MINUTES $90


Sessions utilize channeling of high frequency energy blending reiki, shamanic modalities, crystals, and vibrational energy harmonizing using singing bowls.

Prior to the session information will be requested to help discover what soul work will be undertaken. This is discovered through meditation by the reiki channel.

It is requested no alcohol or substances be ingested 3 days prior and after the session to provide the clearest energetic receiving and integrating state.

Sound Journey & Guided Meditation

120 MINUTES $25

This experience is designed to help connect you with your higher self. Beginning with gentle yoga practice and cleansing breath, followed by mantra and sound to connect with intention, you will be guided through a relaxing, nurturing and supportive journey to reconnect with your inner wisdom. Bring a journal!


For reservations or information:

Call or email to book your class, session or workshop. Thank you for your interest!

Usui Tibetan Reiki Certification

Level I&II $333

Cost includes training, attunements, vegan lunch both days (cleanse), resources and ICRT manual.  Water and tea are provided daily.  Coffee is not recommended. Please advise if you have any food or other allergies.

DESCRIPTION: This two day intensive course is designed to offer you all the tools and knowledge needed to begin self healing and working with others.  As a member of the Canadian Reiki Association and the International Center for Reiki Training, Heather adheres to strict rules guiding professional conduct and ethics including use of treatment records.  This will assist you should you choose to join these professional associations (examples of forms will be provided). 

A Level I & II Manual and additional resource material will be provided.  You will learn self healing methods, working with others and distance healing, how to create a safe space, clearing and cleansing methods, introductory Reiki symbols and history.  The focus will be on practice time to increase sensitivity to Reiki. 

You are welcome to bring any crystals or healing tools you prefer to work with and will learn how to clear these tools using several methods. If you have completed Level I with another instructor, please forward record of your certification and consideration will be given to this on an individual basis.